It's only fair that if I get to learn all about you and your family, you should know a little bit about me.


First of all, you are visiting my page for a reason and you should know my professional goal is to tell your story, as truthfully as it presents itself and with the vision we create together for your portraits.  Photography is my full time career and I take it very seriously.  I'm committed to each client's full satisfaction so you can rest assured that when we work together I will get it right, and if for some reason I fall short, we can try again or you can have your money back.  


I absolutely love photography, I always have.  When I'm not working with clients I am studying my craft, working to provide the highest quality portraiture possible.  I practice constantly and of course, I take a lot of snapshots of my family, just like you.  

On a personal level, I am a mom, a wife and a photographer and all of those things continually compete for priority. I spent many, many years trying to figure out what it meant to be satisfied in life. Thanks to the lengthy duration of that process, I found the one man that could put up with me a little bit later in life and we had our two beautiful daughters when some people are having their first grandchildren. Well, maybe not THAT late in life but it feels like it sometimes. I had a successful sales career that did nothing to feed my soul and I yearned for something more. I have had a camera in my hand since I was 12 and kick myself daily that it didn't occur to me earlier that I could make a career out of something I LOVE. So here I am, in mid-life, finally figuring it all out. It's not always rainbows and unicorns but I am fulfilled and appreciative about it.

I have felt the excruciating pain of losing a loved one unexpectedly at a young age and I force my family to get together for a group photo at least once a year because it is important to me to have that record forever. That is in very large part what drives me to capture the true moments between families, not just formal portraits. Every moment we have together is extraordinary and needs to be appreciated.


I hope to capture your story soon!