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Kids are absolutely amazing. They are each unique in so many ways and they change so much every year. I want to document those quirks and changes so you will always remember them and maybe also have blackmail photos for their later years. It is my mission to capture their craziness but also get those super hard to catch real smiles, looking straight into the camera. I feel that if you are going to hire a professional, I better be able to deliver on both. With that said, I am not the photographer that is going to take 400 photos and give them all to you unretouched. I am going to deliver high quality images that you will want to hang on your walls. I'm going to get rid of the boogers, the food particles from the snack we bribed them with, the forgotten temporary tattoo that you discovered in the car on the way to your session... in short, I will clean up the messes and leave the actual kid underneath it all. That is unless you want to capture that hot mess factor that is life with a child, then I'm all in for that too. Let's do this! Here is a guide with more information on family portraits.

Family Portrait Welcome Packet
If you have trouble viewing the online guide just head over to the "Request More Information" tab and I will get it to you via email.
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