Welcome to the pricing page!  If you've made it this far I hope that means you like what you see.  All of my pricing guides are embedded within each portfolio so if you are looking for family pricing, head over to the Family portfolio section and find that link, senior pricing is in the Senior portfolio... makes sense, right?  That's new this year so if you don't love it, let me know!  You can also use the Request More Information tab to get all of the details sent directly to your email.

A couple of quick pricing questions are answered here:

Photo sessions and products (digital images, prints, albums etc..) are priced separately so you can spend as little as $275 if you don't need the whole kit and kaboodle. 


SESSIONS (photographer's time and presentation of proofs.  DOES NOT INCLUDE PRODUCTS):

  • 60-90 minutes and one location (no driving between spots) after 4pm -  $120
  • 90+ minutes and multiple locations after 4pm -  $190
    • Midday discount:  Sessions that take place between 9am and 4 pm will receive a $50 discount!!!
  • Beach Sessions:  $250
  • Winter special:  Studio only sessions January 2 - March 30 - $400 includes a one hour session and all digital proofs plus retouching on your 10 favorite images.



Minimum product purchase of $200.  ALL purchased products are fully RETOUCHED (skin, hair flyaways etc.)  You can purchase any products you like in any combination.  I have some pre-built packages that offer a small discount.  Those can be found on the pricing guides for what type of photography you are looking for.  



I only do 2 special event mini-sessions each year and those are all inclusive pricing.  Mini-sessions must be completed during the scheduled event.  I do not schedule individual mini-sessions outside of those dates.