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Having a baby is one of the most incredible journeys anyone will set foot upon. It is one of those magical times in your life when it feels like it will never end and then when it does you're left standing there wondering "where did it all go?" This is a time when quality portraiture is paramount. You can't get that first week of a baby's life back later, or that first time sitting up, walking... all of the milestones that happen should be documented to share with your little one when they are old enough to appreciate it. Kids also love to see photos of their mama's belly with them in it. It is amazing to them. Maternity photos are for the baby you are creating as much as they are for you. I am a mother of two beautiful, crazy, sweet, obnoxious girls so I understand... all of it. Let me tell the story of your amazing little one's journey to toddlerhood. You can find more information on Newborn, Maternity and Baby's First Year packages here:
Newborn Welcome Packet
If you have trouble viewing the packet online head over to the "Request More Information" tab and I will get it to you via email.
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