My objective when I work with a family is to provide amazing, professionally produced portraits that will knock your socks off.  :)  There are so many options out there for photographers and pricing can be all over the board depending on experience and quality.  With that said,  I like to let you know where I fit in that spectrum of photographers and to share a little information on sessions and pricing with you right up front.    I'm not a "one price fits all" kind of gal.  My sessions and products are priced separately and are designed to be able to accommodate whatever people are looking for in their photography hopes and dreams.  The amount of investment you make is totally up to you.  If you have trouble viewing the guide please use this link to request it in email form.

RHP - 2024 Family Client Guide - sessionsRHP - 2024 Family Client Guide - sessions


RHP - Family Client Guide - product pricing 2024RHP - Family Client Guide - product pricing 2024