Ian - Forest Hills Central Senior Class of 2022

May 27, 2022

The class of 2022 was so incredible to work with and Ian was one of the first on my schedule to set the tone for the season.  He was so great and willing to go wherever I suggested, even when it sounded crazy.  I loved that one of his friends joined him towards the end of the session for a few photos.  Amazing how having your friends around can bring out that big, real grin.  Congratulations on all of your success during your senior year! RHP_4227RHP_4227 RHP_4245RHP_4245 RHP_4246RHP_4246 RHP_4250RHP_4250 RHP_4266RHP_4266 RHP_4277RHP_4277 RHP_4289RHP_4289 RHP_4296RHP_4296 RHP_4299RHP_4299 RHP_4314RHP_4314 RHP_4316RHP_4316 RHP_4330RHP_4330 RHP_4335RHP_4335 RHP_4340-2RHP_4340-2