You're my Best Friend

January 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I was so excited to take family photos for my best friend's extended family.  I have known her parents since I was all of 12 years old (when I wasn't the nicest little "only child" mind you) so I know these personalities and what the REAL dynamics and expressions SHOULD be.  It was quite a challenge, as usual, to get everyone on the same page but I think we finally did it and managed to capture the love and craziness between all of these amazing people.  I love you guys!


THESE, are not what I would call REAL smiles.  Nice, but not what I know is hiding in there....  let's try a little trick or two for the next couple and see what we get...


Ok, the boys are getting there....



There we go, a HAPPY family!  Love you Jen!  





And some serious love out of the serious sister!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this picture.




Mom and Dad, still got it after all these years.

IMG_9632-21IMG_9632-21 IMG_9659-22IMG_9659-22 IMG_9664-23IMG_9664-23 IMG_9680-24IMG_9680-24


Anyone else have these moments with their sibling in-laws?  I know I do!



This was my experiment with my two favorite boys on the merry-go-round.  I'm still shocked it didn't end badly... 

IMG_9717-26IMG_9717-26 IMG_9723-27IMG_9723-27



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