Happy 1st Birthday Jayce!

May 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Well, I had this GREAT plan for Jayce's first birthday cake smash session.  Or so I thought... I went to the park, picked out a fabulous spot and started hanging these adorable paper fans in the trees to make his backdrop a little more festive.  Of course, the wind started to pick up and the fans were not looking as adorable as I thought, and then Jayce and his family arrived and he IMMEDIATELY hurried right over to the colorful toys hanging in the sky and promptly destroyed them like any small child would do.  You would think I would have seen that coming having two little tornadoes of my own at home.  Well, it made me laugh and I caught a few photos of his destruction before we got going on the REAL fun.

Jayce wasn't so sure WHAT he was supposed to do with this cake in front of him so big brother stepped in to help him out.  Seriously, it doesn't get any cuter than that.

So NOW it is all making sense!  He enjoyed a few nibbles of the delicious cake but he really LOVED demolishing it.

Oh, and did I mention Jayce is a Cinco de Mayo baby?!?  Look at this hat his parents brought along!  I love it and see a tradition in his future.  Happy Birthday sweet boy!




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