Studio Backdrops

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Welcome to the studio!  When planning for a session I like to talk about color and style and the kind of "look" you are hoping to achieve.  I totally understand that when you haven't been to a photography studio before you might not have any idea what to expect SO, lucky for you I put together this little blog post about my backdrops. I collected some examples of my backdrops in use so you can see in advance what might be of interest to you.  Keep in mind that colors can look very different depending on how I light them so you will see the same backdrops shown in multiple examples so you can see how they can look under different conditions.  Backdrops also come in all sizes so I tried to group them together by the amount of people I can comfortably photograph on them.  I photograph a lot of kids in the studio so if you are bringing your family, some of the backdrops may not be big enough for all of you and you will want to focus your attention on the top two collages. 

Let me know which ones you think will help me best achieve the look you are going for in your portraits and I will have them ready to go when you arrive.  There is a chance I have a few more up my sleeve but this will at least give us a place to start.


This first set includes my largest backdrops that can accommodate most sized groups.  You can see that I have the standard paper roll type backgrounds in white, cream, dark gray and pink, I also have sage green which is not pictured.  I also have several varieties of traditional style backgrounds in blues, browns and creams as well as some more modern and fun styles if you are feeling adventurous.


Backgrounds large groups_0026Backgrounds large groups_0026


This next set contains backdrops that can comfortably fit a couple of kids in any position or a small family of 4 or 5 sitting.

Backgrounds for 1-4 people sitting_0022Backgrounds for 1-4 people sitting_0022

This set includes smaller backdrops that can comfortably fit 1 or 2 small children.

Backgrounds for 1-2 people_0020Backgrounds for 1-2 people_0020

Last but not least I do have a few very small backdrops that will only fit one child or can be used during a newborn session.

Backgrounds 1 person_0024Backgrounds 1 person_0024


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