"Terrible Two's" squared

April 30, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Ok this one is for all the Moms out there with young kids.  So many people come to me and constantly apologize for their kids not looking at me or getting up and running around.  PLEASE STOP!  Every Single Two year old is like that.  This mom came to me with her adorable two year old twins and her 5 year old son.  Their attention spans lasted about 38 seconds and then the interest in everything else in the studio kicked in and they were off.  It literally took 4 adults to keep this show rolling.  In the end, we of course got a lot of super adorable photos that would make you think it was all calm and perfect but in reality it was anything but that.  I made sure to include plenty of the "outtakes" so that you can see that it is TOTALLY NORMAL that your kids act like kids when they come to see me.  I can handle it and will enjoy the madness.  You can seriously sit on the couch and enjoy a cup of coffee if you like.  You've earned it.


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